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Technology & Comforts in The Woodlands

Superior in Quality Care for Our Patients

With Dr. David Cunningham, state-of-the-art dental technology combines with old-school customer service to deliver a dental experience that’s faster and more comfortable than ever. Using the tools listed below, our team is able to catch dental issues faster and treat them quicker so patients can get out of our office and simply go enjoy their smiles! These instruments will help your appointments fly by, and you’ll always have a beautiful smile to show for it.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist and patient looking at intraoral photos

Thanks to our intraoral camera, Dr. Cunningham can finally show you what he is talking about rather than just tell you. This small, pen-sized camera fits easily into the mouth and can capture highly-detailed images of the teeth and gums that can then be displayed on a nearby monitor. They will literally give you a whole new perspective on your dental health, plus they will make it much easier for you to understand why we might be recommending a certain treatment.

Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays

We use X-rays every day in our office in order to catch dental problems before they are even visible to the naked eye, and to make this tool even faster and safer for our patients, we’ve gone all digital. Digital X-rays can generate crystal clear images in mere seconds, and they also emit up to 80% LESS radiation compared to traditional X-rays (which is excellent news for parents with small children).

Soft Tissue Laser

Hand holding a soft tissue laser tool

Lasers first joined the dental tool-kit back in 1994, and now, they are one of the most useful tools we have. With the laser’s highly concentrated beam of light, we can instantly eliminate harmful bacteria hidden beneath the gum line, and even painlessly remove infected tissue. We can also use them to perform scalpel-free gum lifts to improve the appearance of a “gummy” smile. In any case, treatment with the laser is always fast, effective, and virtually painless.

Cavity Detection System

Closeup of teeth

Traditionally, a dentist would need to poke your teeth with a probe and use their eyes to identify the early signs of cavities, and this allowed many small areas of decay go undetected until they grew worse. Now, with our cavity detection system, nothing gets past Dr. Cunningham! It uses a beam of light to scan the enamel and find even the slightest signs of enamel thinning, enabling our team to quickly intervene with conservative treatments to stop cavities before they even form.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Woman in dental chair with nitrous oxide mask

Does going to the dentist make you feel a little…nervous? If so, you’re far from alone, and we’re happy to help that anxiety gently float away using nitrous oxide sedation. All a patient has to do is inhale the colorless, odorless gas through a small nasal mask to feel completely relaxed, happy, and even euphoric while in the chair. We keep the mask on for the entire appointment, and once it’s removed, the gas’ effects wear off almost instantly, allowing a patient to quickly go back to their normal day.